What is Horror Film Roulette?

HORROR FILM ROULETTE, created by Erik Steele, Terri Steele, and Brandon Mata, is an annual horror film competition based in Metro Detroit. Filmmakers have four weeks to create a five-minute horror film that will be entered into our contest.

THE CATCH? Each team must create their films based on a genre they spin on our roulette wheel, and will not know what genre they will receive until the beginning of the competition. Please visit our Facebook page for the latest news and event information.

The Genres

The Wheel

Genres are chosen by spinning the WHEEL OF HORROR. Each year a Kickoff Event occurs in mid-September and each team is given the opportunity to spin the wheel. The space the wheel lands on determines that team’s genre for the competition.


The Showcase

Films must be submitted by 11:59pm on the due date to be a part of the competition. The top film submissions will then be viewed at our Showcase Event which will occur by the end of the month. The films are viewed, judged, and the winners of the competition are selected. Winners receive a trophy, an assortment of horror goodies, and bragging rights for the year!  


Horror Film Roulette has stirred up quite a buzz throughout the years. Check out their interviews with creators Erik Steele and Terri Steele including producer Josh Taube!